Hungerball Fuelled by Amigo Bars

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Hungerball Fuelled by Amigo

Hungerball New Zealand  and The Sir Ray Avery Foundation have joined forces to promote the importance of good nutrition and physical exercise for our children. The collaboration includes providing nutritious amigo bars to kids at Hungerball games in schools throughout New Zealand and internationally.

Hungerball was invented by father and son, Andu and Toma Iordache from Orewa Beach in Auckland

Andu used his health psychology background to develop a fun, low impact mobile sports arena to encourage kids to play football, hockey and other games in a team environment and this was a perfect opportunity to combine the two key ingredients of good nutrition and exercise to grow healthy active New Zealand kids.

Hungerball is a great success and is played in other parts of the world including Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and Venezuela.

Kids learn better if they have good nutrition combined with regular physical exercise.

What excites us about Hungerball is that they have developed a fast-paced, body-ball game which is very intense and gives a huge cardio workout. It’s so popular, it’s replacing soccer because it uses all body parts.

Hungerball is revolutionising the way kids exercise and amigo bars are the future of good nutrition so our collaboration is a perfect marriage.

Amigo bars are New Zealand’s first five-star oat bars supplemented with all the amino acids, vitamins and minerals required for healthy physiological and brain development.

They provide instant energy and allow kids to perform at peak performance under the “Hungerball Fuelled by Amigo” partnership. The Sir Ray Avery Foundation is donating amigo bars to kids in need through specific Hungerball events across New Zealand. 

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