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Amigo School Nutrition
Art Competition

$40,000 of travel prizes to be won. Enter the helloworld amigo Art Competition, and you could win a family holiday.

About the Competition

The helloworld Travel Amigo School Nutrition Art Competition is open to all New Zealand school kids between the ages of 4 and 14 years.

We want kids to use the art competition template to draw their happy Hangry face face and their hangry Happy face face.

Your “Hangry” face is how you feel when you have not had enough to eat and get angry and your happy face is how you feel when you’ve had a lovely meal.

The winner of the best “happy” face artwork will receive a $20,000 Travel Gift Card to travel with their family anywhere in the world. The winner for the best “hangry’ face artwork will also receive a $20,000 Travel Gift Card, to go with their family anywhere in the world.

Enter and complete both “happy” and “hangry” face artworks and you could win the total travel prize valued at $40,000.

“Oh, the places you’ll go!”

helloworld Travel NZ will work with you and your family to design a family holiday package of your dreams, anytime you’re ready to travel. Here are some ideas:

Island Holiday in Fiji
Enjoy a South Pacific getaway with your family in sandy beaches, tropical rainforests and coconut plantations
Say Aloha to Hawaii
Learn to surf and hula with the family while enjoying the Hawaiian Islands
Visit the Happiest Place on Earth
Bring the family and capture magical moments in Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida
Outdoor Pursuit in Queenstown
Home to many thrills and exciting activities, the Adventure Capital of the World is a great place for family-bonding
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The winner/s will also see their artwork used in all advertising for the amigo bar in supermarkets and retail outlets throughout New Zealand and Australia.

The competition is now on.

Get started by downloading the template for the Happy face and Hangry face.

If you have any questions, we’d love you to reach out to us at info@amigonutrition.org.

Good luck!

Please read Eligibility and Terms and Conditions before you submit your artwork.

Final Judging

A judging panel of five from the Sir Ray Avery Foundation, helloworld Travel NZ and renowned Artists will make the final decision and announce the winner in early 2020.

Please check in to our website blogs and follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@amigonutrition) for more in-the-moment updates.

About the author
Amigo Nutrition
Amigo Bars are invented by The Sir Ray Avery Foundation. A New Zealand Charitable Organisation committed to developing innovative, affordable products and technologies that make a significant and measurable impact on improving access to quality healthcare on a global scale.


1.0 Entrants must live in New Zealand, are aged between 4 and 14 years old and attend a registered school.

2.0 Only one entry per student is allowed and each entry must be the original work of one student. Please note, one entry may include two artworks, one artwork for the “happy” face and one artwork for the “hangry” face. Please do not submit two of the same.

3.0 Staff and immediate families of helloworld Travel NZ are not eligible to enter

4.0 Staff and immediate families the Sir Ray Avery Foundation and Members of the Board of Trustees and the Amigo Advisory Board and their immediate families are not eligible to enter.

5.0 Only artwork using the templates in the exact proportion as downloaded from the amigo nutrition website or our Facebook page will be accepted. Click here to download templates.

6.0 All media is accepted. Chalk, crayons, pastels, charcoal, paints and pencils.

7.0 Three-dimensional entries will not be accepted. Do not staple or glue anything to your work.

8.0 Artwork may be completed at school and the artist’s name, school name, school telephone number must be recorded on the back of each artwork and co-signed by a teacher. A teacher’s signature confirms the artwork is the work of the student.

9.0 Artwork may also be submitted individually by a child however you must have your work signed by a parent/guardian or teacher as this confirms the artwork is the work of the child. Please include the artist’s name, parent’s telephone number or email on the back of the artwork.


We believe travel is about learning, spending time and sharing wonderful unforgettable experiences with your family. So the winner(s) awarded the helloworld Travel Gift Card(s) must travel with their parent(s) or guardian(s) and if applicable, other family members.

The Travel Gift Card(s) are redeemable any time and there are no expiration dates. However, we encourage families to travel during the school holidays so that students don’t miss out on their education.

The winner and their parent(s) and guardian(s) may redeem their helloworld Travel Gift Card by visiting their local helloworld Travel store where a friendly and experienced Travel Consultant will help plan an all-inclusive travel package especially for you and your family to the value of $20,000.

The helloworld Travel NZ Gift Card is not redeemable for cash.


The competition is now on.

Please send all artwork to:

The Sir Ray Avery Foundation
PO BOX 67086
Mt Eden
Auckland 1024

Feel free to share your happy and hangry face artwork on our FB page or share on our Instagram here using #amigoartnz but please don’t forget to send us the original hard copy by mail.


A judging panel of five from the Sir Ray Avery Foundation, helloworld Travel NZ and New Zealand renowned Artists will make the final decision and announce the winner/s in early 2020.